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The Gratitude Pen was the first of our tools, specifically designed with the intention of maintaining a life changing gratitude journal and attracting abundance. Great effort went into the design and manufacturing of what was to be the worlds first Gratitude Pen.

The luxury pen which comes in either a polished chrome or matte silver finish, is weighted for extra comfort and stability while writing. The Pen has an engraving of the words ‘Thank You’ draped around the length of the barrel, reinforcing the magic message of gratitude into your subconscious.

The tip of the Gratitude Pen is embellished with a Citrine healing crystal. This golden yellow crystal of abundance harnesses creative energy and deters negativity. It makes for a magical feeling when you write with your Gratitude Pen in your Gratitude Pad.

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Shiny Chrome Pen, Matte Finish Pen

Matte Gratitude Pen

Matte Finish Pen